From : The Manor, Wicklow, Republic of Ireland – Somewhere a lot nicer than Bucharest.
Height : 6'2''
Weight : 230lbs
Finisher :
'The Peasant Planter' (Spin out lariat clothesline)
Signature Move(s) :
Twisted t-bone suplex, Suplex into super kick, Middle rope dropkick, Flying back elbow, Middle rope leg drop.


The Lord of the Manor is an arrogant, pompous character who believes he and the people who support him - his 'Paul Tracey Guys' as he refers to them, are simply better than everyone else. He promotes the finer things in life and claims that he and his people live an upper class lifestyle with the finest social standards and etiquette. 

The Lord began wrestling in 2000, and made his pro wrestling debut in November 2001 in the UK at NWA UK Hammerlock Wrestling. Since then he has wrestled in 14 countries to date throughout the world including - Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Japan, Canada and the USA. Titles he has lifted to date are - NWA British Commonwealth Title, NWA UK Hammerlock Title (x2), NWA Ireland Title, No Limit Wrestling Title (Ireland) (x2), NWA United National Heavyweight Title - Pro Wrestling Zero 1 (Japan).
Although with an arrogant demeanour in the ring, his credentials are strong - in the past he has gone head to head in the ring with well known competitors like - Kevin Nash, Sabu, Rene Dupree, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart, Marty Jannetty, Jon Heidenreich, Kai, Masato Tanaka, Claudio Castagnoli (Antonio Cesaro), Psyco Sid, X-Pac, and Eugene to name a few. There is little doubt that the Lord will be looking to make his presence felt in us usual upper class way upon his return to Romania.

"Lord of the Manor" Paul TRacey

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