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From : Belfast, Northern Ireland
Height : 6'5''
Weight : 294 lbs
Finisher :
Ulster Plantation (flipping electric chair), Bloody Sunday (reverse ddt to sit out driver) Bann River Boot (pump kick)
Signature Move(s) :
Death Valley Driver, Stall Suplex, kick up the arse


Damian O'Connor is one of the most decorated wrestlers in the UK. Damo, as fans refer to him as, is 4 time Scottish Heavyweight Champion, has held an incredible11 Scottish Tag Team Championships and has held various other titles across he UK (including a 2 year long tag title reign in England). Damo as travelled to every country in the UK (Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland), Ireland and as far as Australia to take on the very best competition. With 10 years of experience, O'Connor has fought against the very best in the Uk, including - Robbie Brookside, Johnny Kidd, Drew Mcdonald, Doug Williams, Mikey Whiplash, Zack Sabre Jr and more. These high profile matches led to The Beast of Belfast receiving a WWE tryout in 2010. 

O'Connor's size and style has changed drastically over the years. As an accomplished amateur wrestler prior to breaking into Pro Wrestling, Damo was a very agile technical based wrestler who could even dazzle opponents with high flying cruiserweight offense. He then forged The hugely successful tag team Britans Most Wanted alongside fellow former Scottish Heavyweight champ 'The Butcher' Scott Renwick. Now in 2014 Damo has bulked up in the gym to become the nearly 300lb monster he is today. With his brawling and powerhouse offense, combined with his renowned technical wrestling skills – Damo is equipped with a full arsenal to take down all challengers.

"The beast of belfast" damian o'connor